Basta of pasta? Try Courgetti Spaghetti!

14 Jun

The slicer starting to spaghetti those courgetti pieces...

I mentioned pasta a couple of posts ago and how it is one of the things I am not missing massively – but when you have a really nice (and carbohydrate free!) sauce that you love making, its sometimes a real shame not to have something to go alongside it and ‘bulk it up’ as pasta would stand in to do.

A couple of months ago I made an amazing discovery – it’s called the Joyce Chen Slicer and you can see a nifty little film about what it does here.  You basically need a courgette or two slice in half, the you place the half onto a spike in the middle white bit, with the handle pushing it down and turning it into the blade which make the brilliant strands (either Spaghetti or Fettuccine -esque) into the clear plastic tub at the bottom.

It’s so quick and easy to use and really is a godsend for those moments when the dinner dish may be pasta and you want to join in with everyone else, when you’re really missing the ‘theatre’ of eating Spaghetti, or simply when you’ve got a hankering for the flavours of your favourite pasta sauce and need something extra to go with it.

As the video suggests – the possibilities are indeed endless about other veg you could use and am having a lot of fun finding out what works (and doesn’t!).  There’s also loads of uses for it with salads etc, but have been so busy trying out pasta recipes with it – not quite got round to doing that yet.  The courgette sliced this way is also great plain alongside dishes such as fish…

Will post again soon about some of the dishes that I love using this, but until then just wanted to spread the word!  Not on commission (honest!) but know that for those of you who have got to a certain level with low carb (the level of boredom where its make or break time!), using something like this could make all the difference.  I could only find it on eBay to buy (seller in the UK) – but if you have seen them elsewhere here, would love to know as have been so vocal in my praise have got a line up of friends and family who have demanded to receive one as birthday gifts!

The slicer makes a dish of lovely spaghetti-esque strands ready for sauce!


2 Responses to “Basta of pasta? Try Courgetti Spaghetti!”


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    […] by and large I haven’t.   Having the courgette gadget to create courgetti spaghetti has certainly made it possible to have pasta-esque meals  using the sauces […]

  2. Carb v Low Carb – a Salmon Supper « Low Carb Not No Carb - August 10, 2010

    […] Courgetti Spaghetti – Create courgette strands using method here, then add to a frying pan with 3 tablespoons water and squeeze lemon juice, cook until water absorbed, for approx 5 mins – sprinkle of tarragon with this is also delicious. […]

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