A cheesy Cornish wedding

24 Jun

A very good friend of mine got married this week – she is from Cornwall and the wedding, weather and all round love and joie de vivre surrounding the occasion was amazing.

General consensus around weddings from a dietary perspective seems to be they are good places for low carb eaters – that’s particularly true if, like my generous friends, you have a menu ahead of time for the wedding breakfast to choose and plan from.  But what of the iconic moment when you’re in-between the day and night do and the wedding cake cutting (and distribution!) is beckoning?

As a considerate couple (and the lucky recipients of an extra wedding cake as a wedding gift) there were no problems with that at this wedding.  While her actual cakey-cake was fantasic – with handcrafted sugar shells and starfish to fit in with the beach theme and everything – behold – the cake of cheese!

The cake of cheese

How brilliant is that!  And even more brilliant… all the tiers were Cornish cheeses. Expertly crafted by The Cornish Deli, the cake was the subject of much photography throughout the event (and much devouring after cutting it) and for all cake lovers, sweet or savoury, it was a must taste.  As I felt it my duty to sample it extensively for you dear readers, I can report that the Cornish Yarg cheese and Cornish Brie come particularly highly recommended!

If you’re not lucky enough to attend a Cornish wedding with cheese options and have some holiday time to take this year – get down to the Cornish Deli in St Ives and sample their big selection…. I’m a convert.


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