Low Carb Lunchbox – its the ham and cheese ‘roll’

5 Jul

Rock and Roll with ham egg and cheese...

Lunch can be a tad tricky when you are on a low carb diet – and by tricky I mean… boring!  Yes salads have become a mainstay of my lunch hour and I have become the salad expert of Clerkenwell – I can actually tell colleagues the salad options of practically any close by sandwich shop they care to mention AND when their menu changes – which is starting to alarm me somewhat.  Anyway, having the chicken salad from Pret for the hundredth time in a row (and today – no joke – witnessing a FIGHT in there for the last one, not involving me fortunately) I decided things must change!

As much as you can jazz up salads, I do miss the feel of a sandwich – having something to hold the fillings together which you are allowed on a low carb diet.  But with bread effectively off the menu, I have just tried these egg ‘rolls’ and I must say they have impressed me with the ease and speed in which they are prepared (always a major concern for me in encouraging me to bring lunch to work) plus they look amazing with the feel of a wrap or sandwich.  The cheese inside also offsets to ‘egginess’ making these a must have for any low carb lunchbox and can be used with many more fillings – let me know of any good ones you try out!

You will need:

1 Egg per ‘roll’

Cream Cheese

1 Slice Ham (chopped)

Lettuce (chopped)


Heat a tiny amount of olive oil in a small NON STICK frying pan

Beat the egg and add content to pan, letting it coat the bottom in a circle like a pancake – very important not to play with it too much here, or you’ll simply end up with scrambled egg which is not the objective!

Turn the heat down to cook through and when slightly browned underneath, turn over to cook other side until golden.

Let you circle of egg cool completely

Spread on the cream cheese, making sure its spread right to the edges as this is what will stick your ‘roll’

Sprinkle chopped ham and chopped lettuce (and any other additions you care to add)

Roll into a tube and press down at edges (cheese should seal)

Chop in half and wrap in cling film – ready to take to work for lunch!

*SO important, I have a selection of lovely pans I use, but my small non stick frying pan (brought from Poundstretcher for just £2.99) wins every time when it comes to eggs – makes life, and washing up, so much easier!


One Response to “Low Carb Lunchbox – its the ham and cheese ‘roll’”

  1. Riss July 13, 2010 at 1:51 am #

    I’ve made something similar using hummus instead of cheese. Love it! One of my favorite meals when I’m watching carbs! =)

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