Green Army!

8 Jul

Exciting news courgette lovers.  I, the girl who formally even managed to kill off a cactus, appear to be growing courgette on my balcony!  Myself and the OH are similarly black fingered when it comes to horticulture, but thanks to a kind benefactor (his brother with a HUGE secret garden-esque garden) we received the plant which had already been nurtured into some form of existence.  Now we come home from work each day, head straight out to the balcony to feed it gallons of water and check progress (yes! we are now balcony garden geeks!) and await further developments.  Check them out:

Growing courgettes - can't wait to get them in the kitchen!

All very exciting and will keep you updated because (if they survive long enough to harvest) as they are low carb staples, will definitely be posting some courgette and tomato (yes growing those too!) recipes on here as I try them.  Back in my pre-grower-status days I vaguely recall hearing about recipes including the flowers too.  Anyone got any good ideas now that I may be able to utilise them?



2 Responses to “Green Army!”


  1. If you can’t make the heat, get out of the kitchen? « Low Carb Not No Carb - July 19, 2010

    […] But I had the idea for this dish because in our last shopping trip I had found a really good deal on a large packet of courgettes and had wide eyed-ly insisted to the OH that I had to have them, they would of course be used up in a myriad of recipes I had planned for this week and would definitely be all gone by this time next week.  So we got to this weekend and I guiltily realised many of said bargain courgettes were indeed still sitting there unloved and unused because of us being out so much.  Clearly an emergency “use loads of courgettes in one dish” recipe was called for – so I opted for this pasta-esque courgette bake.  It is a really nice dish to make alongside a ‘proper’ pasta one perhaps if you’re cooking for a few people, as feels like you are all sharing in the same meal – carb/less or not – and in the warmer weather its nice hot or cold with a salad.  Plus I’m sure its all good training for when we finally get to harvest our own lovely courgettes which are still doing well out on the balco…. […]

  2. Carb v Low Carb – a Salmon Supper « Low Carb Not No Carb - August 10, 2010

    […] news from the courgette camp is that we have our first big courgette from the tiny north London balcony outside our flat: Our […]

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