The simple life…

26 Jul

I have just got back from seeing an old school friend this weekend, and despite not having seen her for years.. upon seeing eachother again we immediately reverted to type (i.e. sat down giggled inanely about any-and-everything, confused our menfolk, drank bucketloads of white wine) and it was brilliant.

However, as you may have guessed from the wine bucket reference, my low carb living kind of went out of the window.  I’ve never understood people who claim that their need to stick to this way of eating is such that they feel comfortable in ordering their friends around in terms of what food to provide for them.  If your life consists of dinner soiree after dinner soiree then fair enough, but faced with a choice of embararassing my friends by bringing my own food along or forcing them to serve food they would never have planned to versus shutting up and going with the flow and enjoying the time together, I know which one I will always choose.

It was only a couple of days but have really felt bad about falling off the wagon today, and have therefore pushed myself back into a pensive phase-1-esque diet for today – really aware that once you slip up like this its really easy to think ‘to hell with it’ and run to the high street and buy yourself three baguettes and a portion of chips (or nearly!) but was determined not to let that happen!

So therefore, a simple supper was in mind for this evening.  As I said on my last post I had a brilliant ‘guest cheese’ I was keen to try out (this time Taleggio cheese, which I had heard great things about from both Nigel Slater and my lovely Italian colleague).  I had been inspired to use it ever since seeing Nigel’s recipe, Green Beans, Ham and Cheese recently – its simplicity is brilliant, so adapted it for my own ends with a craving for some much-needed steamed veg:

A simple supper...

You will need:

Taleggio cheese

Broccoli – cut into florets

2 Tomatoes cut into eighths

Courgettes, cut into batons

Half an onion

Slice of bacon, chopped.


Steam/cook Courgettes & Broccoli as preferred

Heat a blob of olive oil in a frying pan and add the onions, turning down to a low heat until softened.

Add the bacon until cooked through – so onion absorbs flavour of bacon

Add steamed vegetables to pan, along with the tomatoes

place the strips of cheese on top and turn carefully until all coated and cheese has melted into a sauce.


Ever so slightly decadent with the cheese element – but felt virtuous enough with the vegetable consumption (and thus vitamin injection) to feel positive and upbeat about the week ahead, confident that it was a slip rather than a setback  – not bad for a Monday!


One Response to “The simple life…”

  1. naturally44 July 27, 2010 at 2:48 pm #

    “Slip” not a setback – I like that. I agree with the whole bringing your own food or making others cater to your way of eating. I read stuff like that alot on the different blogs and it does get silly. Folks actually get UPSET! OR they know that they’re going to blow it… go to the dinner w/friends…and yup, they blow it AND they get mad. HUH?

    A made up mind makes life alot simplier! Not that I’m throwing stones at anyone – I tend to visit that boat too!LOL! Life is full of slips…it happens.

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