New dawn, new day, new low carb year! Crustless Quiche for a low carb lunchbox

9 Jan

Happy new year everyone! And as a new year begins, I start with an apology for being away for so long.  My absence results not from any desire not to be in touch, but conversely because of my love of being in touch from a digital space… Since my last entry I have been submerged in a digital marketing diploma course to learn and understand all about communicating digitally – what I didn’t anticipate was that it would take me so far out of all the things I would be doing normally!  It has been brilliant and a massive learning curve, but for a novice (as opposed to all the true experts on my course who do this in their day-to-day careers!) a real slog to get myself up to speed alongside my working life, meaning my hours in front of the computer have been dedicated to learning, researching and coursework rather than communicating.  So for being quiet for a bit I apologise, but what I can confirm is that feeling on top of things now, I am so ready and can’t wait to get back in touch and continue the low carb experience with you!

Anyway – a new year begins!  And with it comes a new resolve for low carb living and sharing the experience.  What is different – and great! – for me at this time of year is that there are many more people I meet who are open to talking about the low carb experience and way of eating.  In my office environment nearly everyone is on a diet or detox right now and eager to hear about other ways of eating, so there is a lot of room to explain why low carb works well!

And like many others I’m sure, I have started the new year with an eagerness to save money (do I *really* need that pret salad for lunch every day?! – well maybe not in January…), so lots of packed lunches.  I have been no different and have been diligent in packing my salad in a Tupperware box every day.  Except for me, salad just doesn’t quite cut it.  No matter how many lovely additions I pack into the salad, I still feel a bit like I’m being robbed of a ‘proper’ lunch.  So enter the Crustless Quiche – I can not emphasise how much of a bonus this addition is to your working lunch – it makes a salad extra special, if you make a big dish to ration throughout the week it is economical and the added protein from the eggs ensures you’re kept full until dinner.  And add an extra Tupperware box of coleslaw to the mix and you might not even want/need a salad dressing – brilliant!

Crustless Quiche – (I’m giving you my measures here, but the beauty is, you can add as much – or little – as you want.. experiment!)

  • 6 Eggs (yes it does seem like a lot, but remember this is going to last you a few lunches!)
  • Slug of double cream / creme fraiche
  • 2 Rashers bacon(chopped)
  • Chopped mushrooms
  • Handful chopped Leeks and leafy veg
  • 1 Onion (chopped finely)
  • 2 blocks of frozen Spinach
  • Handful of your favourite type of grated cheese (I used Cheddar on this occasion, because it was all I had, but does tend to influence the overall flavour – I find Emmental great as more delicate)
  • .. any other leftover ingredients which might work well – they all work well here!


Add the chopped onion into a pan with a small blog of butter, soften for a couple of minutes

Add the chopped bacon rashers, and stir so they start to cook, keep stirring for around a minute

Add the frozen spinach and leafy veg, stir in then turn heat down low and leave (stirring occasionally) for about 5 mins – if you have a cover for the pan, use this as will allow to steam.

Turn off the heat and add the mix to a largish dish – perspex works well here.

Beat eggs and cream in bowl – I find it makes a big difference if you used a hand mixer to do this. Pour the egg and cream mixture on top of the other ingredients in the dish.

Sprinkle in your grated cheese of choice and move the mixture with a spoon for space as opposed to stirring it to allow everything to get coated.

Leave in oven for 15-20 mins, or until golden and risen on top.

Try to resist eating a spoonful as it come out of the oven – this is very tempting and great if you need some food on the run, but ruins your portion control if you’re planning for lunchbox action later in the week! W

low carb crustless quiche

Low carb crustless quiche - try to save it for the lunchbox!


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