Welcome to the Low Carb Not No Carb blog. I have been following a low carb diet for about six months now and lost two stone in the process – hurrah!  Having kick started the diet with an atkins-esque diet plan given to me by my personal trainer at the gym and then transferring onto the brilliant Idiot Proof Diet (find loads of info and support on forum site http://www.pig2twig.co.uk, the level information, motivation and support there is fantatstic), I amazed myself by being able to ditch the carbs.

I NEVER thought that I would be able to live a life without bread, pasta, rice – basically all the foods I loved, but have found it surprisingly easy.  Part of the reason for this is that I have picked up various recipes along the way which act as substitutes for the carb laden food I was eating before – which also act as great motivators to keep going.  Friends and colleagues started asking me for the recipes and so this is what this blog will be able to do.

And why the title?  I think my ‘diet’ is now an amalgamation of the two I noted previously, with bits of other diet advice I have read about on the internet for good measure and where I can direct you back to some other great low carb web resources I will certainly do that.  While I avoid carbs as much as possible in my daily life, I still allow myself the odd treat now and then.  I also am not carb counting and frankly life is too short to restrict yourself from ‘carby’ vegetables such as carrots for example.  Countless times ‘helpful’ people have screamed THAT’S NOT ALLOWED! as they see me incorporate such things into meals – therefore “Its low carb not no carb” became a mantra in response, and happily my weight loss to date has showed that its working!  I look forward to sharing recipes and info with you and welcome any feedback that you might have.  Enjoy!

Want to get in touch?  Email me at lowcarbnotnocarb@hotmail.com or on Twitter @lowcarbnnc – would love to hear from you!


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