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Low Carb London – EAT

12 Jan

Cauliflower Cheese Soup from eat - low carb loveliness in your lunchbreak

As much as I aspire to be the girl who always brings in her carefully made lunch to work – and I have made more effort since new year as my last post shows – sometimes, like today, it is just too rainy/cold/boring to undertake it.  Today I had to buy in lunch, but I suspect this was subconsciously because I knew Cauliflower Cheese Soup was on the menu at Eat.

As we know on this way of eating – the cauliflower is your friend!  And this is brilliant, I like cauliflower, I love cauliflower cheese and I am a massive fan of Eat’s idea to provide it in soup form!  Described as ‘the ultimate comfort food’ by Eat’s menu, this delicious soup ticks all the boxes for taste and being filling and, of course, for being low carb (approx 5 carbs per 100g I think, but as the name suggests I don’t really do the whole counting thing).  My purchase instigated a bit of soup related chat in the office and it appears I’m in the minority by favouring cheese in a soup – however, if you are doing low carb and therefore eliminating the bread – it’s a massive bonus to have the extra fillingness provided by the cheese.  This is backed up by the fact that I ate at approx 12.30pm and it is now 19:10 and I still don’t feel hungry – result!

Being essentially a sandwich shop, Eat is not amazing for low carb eating, but there are some good options (especially with the soups).  Check out the latest menu and other nutritional information here.  If you have any low carb lunch break recommendations I would love to hear them!


Low Carb London – Zizzis and St John’s Tavern

15 Aug

We have just waved off some friends who have been staying with us and while it was lovely to have them, we are now sitting in our flat enjoying the relative peace!  I do feel like we often take London living for granted, we get out and about a fair bit, but it’s really when you have friends come to visit who are amazed, impressed and desperate to pack in as much of London as possible in a weekend, that you remember we are really lucky to live here and have such amazing things and places on our doorstep.

Living in London also means that we are lucky enough to have a myriad of amazing restaurant option if we choose to eat out (or in!) and there is something for all tastes and budgets, and that’s something I think we definitely don’t take for granted!  So therefore, Low Carb living when you have these options is a bit easier when you have all this to choose from, but I love hearing about noteworthy LC menu options from friends who have been and experienced good ones.  As an (ex) pizza fiend myself, it was while bemoaning the fact that I missed it and how I felt I had to give up the temptation of Italian restaurants as I didn’t trust myself not to order, that I was recommended the Insalta Boccincini from Ziziis (we went to the branch in Victoria, but they are of course nationwide) by a friend.

So, it was to Zizzis that we headed for a quick meal with friends this weekend and I completely amazed myself that by having this choice of meal that it completely eliminated the desire for the pizzas, even with everyone around me having them!  I shared a starter of anti-pasta with my friend (think lovely fresh buffalo mozzarella, parma ham and sun-dried tomatoes), followed by this salad, which features lovely melty Scamorza cheese wrapped in ham (that’s your pizza substitute sorted) on a bed of crisp salad as below – was lovely.  Even better, they currently have an offer on their website for two courses for £10 in August…bargain!  Don’t have an image unfortunately, but this from their menu below:


Smoked ham wrapped in Scamorza cheese adds a twist to a classic Italian salad of roasted peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, mixed leaves and croutons

Meanwhile, another notable Low Carb option from this weekend I wanted to tell you about was actually found in a pub (St John’s Tavern in Archway  – lots of locally sourced options on their extensive food menu and well worth a visit!).  When one of our group suggested getting pork scratchings as a snack, I was initially half hesitant and half enthusiastic.  While they are often regarded as a low carb staple and I can appreciate their low carb qualities for a snack (unlike many who have a pretty fierce reaction one way or the other!), I find it best to keep thinking from what is in them too much – and especially from considering just how long they may have been sitting on the shelf before you purchased the bag!!

Anyway, what came back from the bar was not as expected a small bag of questionable quality, but a plateful of freshly made pork rinds, which were invariably more appetising!  These pork scratchings were completely different, crunchy, flavoursome and at £3 for a plate pretty good value too.  Clearly being made from scratch (!) on the premises makes all the difference. As you can see from the below we all dived in very quickly, but just in time managed to get a quick photo while there were some left to show you before they were all polished off…

Pork Scratchings - Gastro Pub style!

Carb v Low Carb – a Salmon Supper

10 Aug

I, like many others I’m sure, have got a repertoire of fail-safe dishes which I have honed over the years to become my staple dishes for dinner which would suit my every mood. When I moved in with my OH, we had a period of confusion where these dishes battled for supremacy, but ultimately settled down into a pattern so that we now have a joint set of favourites – but sharing the cooking on alternate days, which has seemed to work!

Was talking with my lovely OH tonight about the low carb way of eating in general and while lots of our favourite dinners pre this WOE were carb heavy (due in no small part my desire to have them that way!) both he and myself have been surprised how my adaptation of low carb and him not wanting (or needing) to have not really impacted our routine – in fact had I not been spurred on to for diet purposes I think I would have enjoyed the way I eat them now just as much. And furthermore, it doesn’t even require an extra length of time to do two versions.

So thought it might be interesting/useful to post some dinners as they are round our place to demonstrate. Tonight’s is not a particularly innovative version (hard day at the office!), but stay tuned for more for ideas on the same theme..

Firstly, news from the courgette camp is that we have our first big courgette from the tiny north London balcony outside our flat:

Our newest courgette addition to the family - fork to show scale (yes I was pretty excited and yes, no expense spared on LCNNC!)

We’ve actually grown a fair few, but due to either my excitement about harvesting, the OH’s determination to grow them as big as we’d get in the supermarket or local birds spying their dinner (well, think that’s the case – otherwise we have some pretty big insects demanding food on the balcony there), this is the first that’s made it though. Despite the excitement, it was always going to get eaten for dinner!

So dinner (in the yellow v blue corner for demonstration purposes below), as I said fairly simple, but swapping the potatoes for cauli-mash, makes the meal as, if not more, filling for low carb eaters – perfect on a rainy Tuesday:

Low hassle dinner a deux chez LCNNC

Completely hassle free dinner for two, with two different diet options.

You will need:

2 salmon fillets

Spoon of pesto sauce (mine from a jar, but you could of course make your own!)

Spoon of Creme Fraiche

1 Courgette

New Potatoes

Cauliflower 1/4 or half a head for this recipe, but I find you may as well use it all and save some mash for the next evening)

Method – for both

Salomon fillets: Remove from packaging and sit on two squares of tin foil.  Drizzle a small amount of olive oil and lemon juice and spread over pesto sauce on top of each. Fold foil over into parcels, pop on an oven tray and cook for 15/20 mins on 200 deg c.

Mix the small amount of Creme Fraiche with tiny amount of pesto for a sauce to drizzle on top of the fish.

Courgetti Spaghetti – Create courgette strands using method here, then add to a frying pan with 3 tablespoons water and squeeze lemon juice, cook until water absorbed, for approx 5 mins – sprinkle of tarragon with this is also delicious.

Method – for carb v low-carb options

1) New potatoes – add to pan of boiling water for about 15 mins (if you do this same time as the fish, should hopefully coincide), add sauce or dressing, or as i’m requested to – let the recipient handle that bit!

2) Cauli-mash, using the recipe here, or even simpler – chop cauliflower florets and add to microwave steam bag.  Cook on high for approx 5-6 mins.  When soft empty into food processor and blend with tiny amount butter/cream/cheese as desired and salt and pepper to taste.

Enjoy a harmonious carb/low carb dinner for two!

Anyone else have any tips for sharing this WOE with family and friends?  Would love to hear about your experiences.

A longing for low carb Gnocchi or pasta? Try Gnudi!

8 Aug

Just before I started this way of eating I had a real ‘foodie’ friend come to visit. Quite frankly any of the usual dishes in my repertoire were not going to cut it, so I decided to up the anti and make my own pasta for dinner.  It took ages.  All the faffing around making the dough and getting it to the right consistency and rolling it to the right amount, never mind the fillings which I decided were the easy bit.

As I proudly served up my labour of love and watched my friend and OH chew.. and chew..  and chew.. I realised I had been so obsessed about making the pasta what I has actually served them was a boiled piece of dough with a TINY pocket of filling… good job I had made a good dessert!  Bad as that was it motivated me to 1) Kick-start the low carb as I had no desire to even look at pasta for a good long while and 2) gave me proof that fillings were definitely the important bit, and that I wouldn’t miss the pasta part anyway in my low-carb dieting.

And by and large I haven’t.   Having the courgette gadget to create courgetti spaghetti has certainly made it possible to have pasta-esque meals  using the sauces which were the main bit I missed, but after a long time eating this way, my thoughts have now and again turned to pasta (though not making it!) and how easy it is if you are entertaining or want an easy night of cooking, but short of picking off the outside of a Raviloi I was bemused as to how I could do this low-carb style.

So it was coincidental then, that it was while having one of these easy nights and having a night off in front of the TV that the answer came through, rather incongruously given the expertise hinted at in the title, Masterchef.  Myself and OH, like much of Britain, like to sit in front of this programme where contestants compete to cook restaurant standard dishes to please a couple of shouty men from the food profession.  There is not often much cause for low carb celebration (though was amazed to see a contestant once rewarded for their up-to-the-minute skills in cooking cauliflower mash –  which low carb fans have been enjoying for ages).  But in this episode, one recipe made me sit up straight and start thinking about dinner… Gnudi.

Gnudi is kind of a cross between Ravioli and Gnocchi.  Ravioli because it is essentially a way of cooking it without the pasta shell (naked, or nude hence the name) and Gnocchi because of the manner in which it is cooked like dumplings and boiled until they rise to the top.  I believe there are lots of ways of cooking this and I have deviated from the recipe I saw to ensure it is low carb – notably removing the flour from the recipe when making it and using ground almonds to roll the dumplings in before cooking (though as such a small amount of flour would be used for this, I suppose it wouldn’t be the end of the world if you were to keep that in).

What is great about these is even one is really filling, so might be a good option to have alongside a salad or a meal, OR you can really go to town in serving them in a dish as something that both carb and no-carb eaters can enjoy.  It would also make a great serving dish alongside a nice crisp salad.  Now that we are growing salad leaves on our balcony, I may just have to invite that friend back round and try again!

Step one.. mix all ingredients...

Low Carb Gnudi

3 Eggs

250 g Ricotta Cheese

120g Grated Parmesan Cheese

Frozen Chopped Spinach (approx 5 bundles, thawed)

Ground Almonds (approx two tablespoons) – or flour

Salt and Pepper to Taste

Step two... bring to the boil


Separate eggs and add the yolks to a bowl, mixing in the Ricotta Cheese and Parmesan.

Thaw the spinach and (importantly!) squeeze out any excess water.

Combine the spinach with the rest of the mixture and add salt and pepper to taste.

Sprinkle ground almonds over a small plate.

Scoop out small amounts and roll into a ball, then roll in the ground almonds or flour until coated.

Add to a pan of boiling water and boil for about 5 mins – Gnudi will have floated to the top of the water.

Remove with slotted spoon and serve straight away with sauce, or add to oven proof dish coat with a sauce and bake in oven for a further 5-10 mins and serve.

Step three - Low Carb Gnudi pasta/dumplings ready for the sauce or style of your choosing!

Low carb breakfast? A cracking Frittata Primavera

2 Aug

As I’ve said before on this blog, and many other low carb followers have confirmed, preparation is key on this diet.

One area it’s often quite hard to prepare for is breakfast – I’m not a breakfast early in the morning kind of girl (often leaving me in a dangerous hunger space mid-morning at the office!) and have honed the time between waking up and leaving for work to the bare minimum to maximise all important sleeping time…

You can of course enjoy things like bacon and eggs or scrambled eggs on this diet, but if you’ve got to be in the office early, this isn’t really an option during the week.  So, to alleviate these problems, plus the problem of what to cook when you haven’t got many ingredients – this Fritatta Primavera dish is brilliant.  Make it on a Sunday when you’ve got some time, cut into eights and wrap up in foil. Store in the fridge and grab on your way to work and it makes a perfect low carb breakfast, or in addition to a salad the perfect low carb lunch box.   And even better it works both hot and cold, uses up any leftover ingredients you have hanging around – and provides a vitamin boost from the included vegetables.

Only trouble with making this ahead of time for the week is that it is so good at bringing together all the healthy green things in a delicious way that my (vegetable dodging) boyfriend discovered it in the fridge on a late night snack mission – leaving me considerably less to be prepared with!

Frittata Primavera

You will need…

Metal frying pan (this is going to go under grill at end, so ensure it’s a sturdy one!)

6 Eggs

Half an onion, chopped

Half a courgette, diced

Handful of chopped spinach

3 Tablespoons frozen Peas

I slice bacon, chopped

3 tablespoons cream cheese

Tablespoon of pesto sauce


Beat the eggs together in a bowl and set aside

Heat a blob of butter in a pan, add the onions and turn heat down low until cooked through.

Add bacon and cook on same low heat with onions until done

Add in frozen peas (these will defrost as you cook), courgettes and spinach and cook (stirring continuously) for another 3/4 mins,

Add in the eggs, pushing in sides of mixture and ensuring remaining mixture fills in the gaps (but careful not to do this too much or you’ll end up with scrambled egg and vegetables as a dish instead)

When mixture looks like it is setting at side (not on top) take off heat (n.b it is tempting to leave this longer for the top to be done, but err on the side of caution as next step will cook the Frittata through, and a burnt underside is not nice!)

Add dollops of the cream cheese all over the pan

Place under grill until nearly set

Add small dollops of pesto sauce all over and return to grill for another 2 mins approx until cooked

Wait (if you can resist the temptation!) to cool and cut into eights, if not serve warm with salad.


Serve and enjoy!

Top 10 Low Carb Supermarket Essentials

20 Jul

When making trips to the supermarket on a low carb way of eating it is vital to be prepared.  The more low carb options you have at your disposal, the less likely you are to fall off the wagon!  Here are my top 10 essential items which are always on my shopping list:

1.  Babybel Cheese – These are such an essential for me, and for eating low carb.  Easy and portable, perfect for a quick breakfast item you can chuck in your bag for work or a quick fix afternoon snack to see you through to dinner!

2. Soy Milk – Lower carb than traditional milk, I was surprised when I tried this under duress for the diet and found I really liked it. Another perfect on the go breakfast as a protein shake too – Alpro do a great light version with even fewer carbs.

3. Eggs – Can be used in such a wide variety of ways with low carb cooking, from scrambled eggs for breakfast, egg wraps for lunch or frittata for dinner – and relatively cheap too! Make sure they are free range though.

4. Decaf Coffee or Herbal Tea – Decaf coffee is definitely a good purchase for this way of eating, particularly if you are cutting out caffeine at the start.  Meanwhile there are so many lovely herbal teas you can buy now, it feels like an indulgent treat (and takes your mind off snacking!).  I like Detox Tea from Birt&Tang and Dragonfly Vanilla Rooibos.

5. Cream – It does take your head a while to get around that cream is ok on this way of eating.  But once you do, you find its a great asset for cooking (crustless Quiche in particuar – will post on this soon), or to lower your carb count even more by adding it to coffee.

6. ‘Guest cheese’ – No not some weird cheese brand!  But as your supermarket shop now effectively banishes you from what you previously considered the ‘treat’ aisles, a substitute may be in order. I have discovered the cheese counter and now buy a (small amount of!) a new and exciting cheese when I go.  How about eating your way around Britain’s Cheese board with a new piece each week?

7. Lettuce – Salads definitely feature a lot on my low carb menu, and with the inclusion of cheese/cream et its frankly quite nice to balance this with some crisp, fresh light meals!  Again I try to ensure  I vary the type I am buying to ensure boredom doesn’t set in.

8. Peanut Butter – Important that this is a no added sugar variety (Whole Earth do a particularly nice version and are my brand of choice) – invaluable to me as I will eat a teaspoon to offset a sugar craving and have in the fridge for emergencies

9. Ham / Bacon – invaluable for inclusion in salads, or wider cooking. Bacon is great with eggs for brekkie and ham and cream cheese roll ups an ideal low carb snack!

10. 80% (or above) Chocolate – If it’s just got to be chocolate, make sure its dark with a high cocoa content – store in fridge and make sure a square in emergencies goes a long way!

What are your essential low carb shopping items?

If you can’t make the heat, get out of the kitchen?

19 Jul

Disaster has struck in our house – the oven has broken.  This is really more of a disaster for me as I’m keen on trying out more recipes involving the oven.  As the weather in London recently has been really lovely, we are finding ourselves wanting to get out and bask in the niceness that sunshine brings out in London and it’s people.   So outside of work we’ve been living a life of BBQs, dinner at restaurants with outside areas and a LOT of lazing around on Hampstead Heath.. and not quite as much cooking as I planned to be doing at the start of each week!

But I had the idea for this dish because in our last shopping trip I had found a really good deal on a large packet of courgettes and had wide eyed-ly insisted to the OH that I had to have them, they would of course be used up in a myriad of recipes I had planned for this week and would definitely be all gone by this time next week.  So we got to this weekend and I guiltily realised many of said bargain courgettes were indeed still sitting there unloved and unused because of us being out so much.  Clearly an emergency “use loads of courgettes in one dish” recipe was called for – so I opted for this pasta-esque courgette bake.  It is a really nice dish to make alongside a ‘proper’ pasta one perhaps if you’re cooking for a few people, as feels like you are all sharing in the same meal – carb/less or not – and in the warmer weather its nice hot or cold with a salad.  Plus I’m sure its all good training for when we finally get to harvest our own lovely courgettes which are still doing well out on the balcony.

Only problem was that I made the realisation of the oven not working well into the start of this recipe – not ideal for a recipe with ‘bake’ in its title!  Our grill however, is working – and using a combination this, cooking the ingredients on the perspex dish as I went along and steaming the courgettes before they went in meant that I think I got away with it – but would be interested to hear if those of you lucky enough to have ovens find  that way best!

Tomato and Mozzarella Courgette Bake

Olive Oil

1 Medium onion

3 Slices Bacon, chopped

5 Small Courgettes – chopped into batons

1 packet fresh Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese, sliced

Approx 2 handfuls Grated Mozzarella Cheese

1 Tin Chopped Tomatoes

Tomato Puree (approx 3 tablespoons)

Chicken/Vegetable Stock Cube


Herbs to taste (I used dried Herbs de Provence plus fresh Basil)


Heat small amount of oil in perspex dish on hob and add chopped onions, turn heat down and cook slowly until onions are translucent

Add chopped bacon and cook through, so that the onions absorb some of the flavour

Add the water and a crumbled stock cube, stirring together until a slightly thick consistency

Add the tin of chopped tomatoes and stir in, along with whichever hers you decide to use

Add in the tomato puree and cook until mixture thickens up – remember courgettes carry a lot of water, so the thicker the better as this will thin out while cooking!

Take the steamed/boiled courgettes and drain, then stir through into the sauce

dot the fresh mozzarella throughout and cover with the grated mozzarella

Grill for approx 10 mins – or until top bubbling and golden

Serve with a side salad or enjoy on its own!

Quick low carb cooking – easy as 123!

14 Jul

Cooking for the time pressed - easy as 123!

I live in London, and a problem that many (non car owning Londoners such as myself) find when it comes to cooking is that 1) you are often time pressed as London life is so hectic and 2) you are not always in close proximity to a large supermarket.  You are therefore often dependent on the ‘local’ or ‘metro’ versions of big supermarket chains specially designed for people like me where ostensibly it is claimed they provide a selection of easy access products for you to ‘top up’ your main shop with – but what it actually means is that there are limited options which have somehow incurred a massive price mark up – the ‘top up’ tax if you will…

Anyway, I digress (and breathe!). Our nearest large supermarket is in Camden which we visit religiously each Sunday, the mundaneness of the task often offset by the entertainment value of the larger than life characters wandering the aisles, still dazed and confused and sleep deprived from not having returned from their night out before!  But inevitably I will often need a few things locally as the week goes on as I make my way from the tube to home on the way back from work, and this is where the local versions of supermarkets come in handy.

So, the point of all this is that on the nights where I drop by our Sainsburys Local in need of a Low Carb menu idea (and while this way of eating has certainly upped my desire about and knowledge around cooking, sometimes I just need food… fast) it’s not always the easiest to buy quick LC options.  BUT – step in the ‘whats cooking’ range!  It’s basically designed along the principle of basic food groups, vegetables, meat/fish, sauce and carbohydrates and has a selection of products within each sector.  Low carb lovers can simply drop the carbohydrate option and have a range of quick and easy menus.

This from the Sainsburys launch press release about the range:

There are no rules – every component is specially developed to taste great with whatever you chose to match it with. It really is as easy as 1,2,3,4…

Choose between:

  1. Meat/fish – chicken with coriander & chilli; chicken with parsley; beef with parsley; pork with parsley; prawns – we only use British chicken, beef and pork
  2. Vegetables – classic green vegetable medley; oriental stir fry vegetable mix; Indian vegetable mix; Mediterranean vegetable mix – all of our vegetables are fresh
  3. Sauce – tomato & basil; cheese & bacon; tikka masala; tandoori sizzler; sweet chilli; red pepper & chilli; coconut & chilli, black bean; creamy mushroom; Mexican fajita – all of our fresh sauces are based on authentic recipes and flavours
  4. Carbs – penne pasta; rice; baby potatoes; noodles; tortilla wraps

So as you can see, cooking with these menu options is indeed as easy as 123 (not 1234 you’ll note – a sign about the corruptive carbs?!).  But actually should I be doing something like this I would certainly throw in a carb option for my oft carb deprived OH, poor lamb.

I certainly recommend if you are UK-based checking this range out – definitely gets you out of a tight spot and away from the temptation of the pizza/pasta aisle if you need to be cooking a fast LC evening meal.  Good work Sainsburys!

Easiest low carb coconut macaroon recipe – ever!

27 Jun

I, am what you would call a ‘savoury person’.  While my other half craves all the sugar and sweet things there are available, I match him point for point in savoury salty alternatives.  However, as long term followers of this way of eating may agree, even those with the least tendancies towards being sweet toothed can break after the months roll by with continual denial of all things sugary.  Like the age old adage goes, the more you deny yourself something, the more you want it.

And so I found myself today, battling the urge to make a cake (for my boyfriend you understand.. if I happened to ‘taste’ some of the mixture along route, than that surely wouldn’t count?) – hmmm.  Anyway, in the nick of time I discovered this coconut macaroon recipe via pig2twig.  I amended it slightly because, lover of salt though I am, I have been burned before by persuading myself I will like a salty version of a cake and am being good to exclude the sweet element, only to experience crushing disspointment on tasting the final product, rather akin to how my four year old self felt when tasting food creations made out of play dough to find they are not the real thing : )

Anyway, these are great and alongside the salt I finished off by adding a TINY SPRINKLING of splenda on top of each biscuit pre-cooking.  I am not a fan of the splenda after taste, but a tiny bit here provides none of that, sets it off just nicely and provides the sugar hit you’re looking for.

I've gotta lurverly bunch of coconut (macaroons)

You will need:

  • One (large ) egg – separated to get the white only
  • Desiccated coconut (approx two handfuls)
  • Pinch of salt
  • TINY amount of Splenda


In a clean dry bowl, whisk egg white and salt until stiff peaks have formed

Gradually add in desiccated coconut until you have a mixture with  a thick consistency you can mould

Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper and fashion 5-6 rounds

sprinkle the tiny amount of Splenda on each

Bake at 200 degrees C for approx 10 mins


These are relatively guilt free and are not so moreish you can’t stop at just one.  However, my mind has already started wandering to reflect on how these would also be good with some (70% cocoa or higher!) chocolate drizzled on top too… yum.

A cheesy Cornish wedding

24 Jun

A very good friend of mine got married this week – she is from Cornwall and the wedding, weather and all round love and joie de vivre surrounding the occasion was amazing.

General consensus around weddings from a dietary perspective seems to be they are good places for low carb eaters – that’s particularly true if, like my generous friends, you have a menu ahead of time for the wedding breakfast to choose and plan from.  But what of the iconic moment when you’re in-between the day and night do and the wedding cake cutting (and distribution!) is beckoning?

As a considerate couple (and the lucky recipients of an extra wedding cake as a wedding gift) there were no problems with that at this wedding.  While her actual cakey-cake was fantasic – with handcrafted sugar shells and starfish to fit in with the beach theme and everything – behold – the cake of cheese!

The cake of cheese

How brilliant is that!  And even more brilliant… all the tiers were Cornish cheeses. Expertly crafted by The Cornish Deli, the cake was the subject of much photography throughout the event (and much devouring after cutting it) and for all cake lovers, sweet or savoury, it was a must taste.  As I felt it my duty to sample it extensively for you dear readers, I can report that the Cornish Yarg cheese and Cornish Brie come particularly highly recommended!

If you’re not lucky enough to attend a Cornish wedding with cheese options and have some holiday time to take this year – get down to the Cornish Deli in St Ives and sample their big selection…. I’m a convert.

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