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Low carb trip to the health food shop…

24 Jan

For a treat (how much of a geek am I) I went to the health food shop this weekend.  It actually does feel like a treat though, because Earth Natural Foods in Kentish Town is like a palace to foods you read about in low carb recipes, but are impossible to find in everyday supermarkets – the only challenge is getting some great recipes to use them all up (and prove my investment worthwhile!).  All the staff and customers in there are all serene and zen and even going in there has a harmonising effect.  People in Kentish Town proudly bear their woven recyclable bags around the area with pride, like a badge of health and clean living.  Despite the fact I would actually quite love to buy and own one, I never get round to it, because in doing so you have to admit to the lovely and earnest till staff (and worse the queue) that you HAVEN’T BROUGHT YOUR OWN RECYCLABLE BAGS. I asked for a carrier bag the first time I went in there and never have since – draw your own conclusions!

Anyway, despite only going in for some herbal tea, I came out with these (and actually forgot the tea in my haste):

Low carb health food shop haul...

The sweetener I am investigating because I have come to the conclusion I can no longer do Splenda! I’m not normally a sweet toothed person, but have experimented with it in baking and have come to  dread the aftertaste.  So in the absence of being able to buy Stevia, this is the one I have selected from what was available.  The Soya Flour and Flaxseed I have been hearing about since I started on this diet and I want to see what all the fuss is about – right, am off to find some recipes to use them!  Any ideas most welcome….


Easiest low carb coconut macaroon recipe – ever!

27 Jun

I, am what you would call a ‘savoury person’.  While my other half craves all the sugar and sweet things there are available, I match him point for point in savoury salty alternatives.  However, as long term followers of this way of eating may agree, even those with the least tendancies towards being sweet toothed can break after the months roll by with continual denial of all things sugary.  Like the age old adage goes, the more you deny yourself something, the more you want it.

And so I found myself today, battling the urge to make a cake (for my boyfriend you understand.. if I happened to ‘taste’ some of the mixture along route, than that surely wouldn’t count?) – hmmm.  Anyway, in the nick of time I discovered this coconut macaroon recipe via pig2twig.  I amended it slightly because, lover of salt though I am, I have been burned before by persuading myself I will like a salty version of a cake and am being good to exclude the sweet element, only to experience crushing disspointment on tasting the final product, rather akin to how my four year old self felt when tasting food creations made out of play dough to find they are not the real thing : )

Anyway, these are great and alongside the salt I finished off by adding a TINY SPRINKLING of splenda on top of each biscuit pre-cooking.  I am not a fan of the splenda after taste, but a tiny bit here provides none of that, sets it off just nicely and provides the sugar hit you’re looking for.

I've gotta lurverly bunch of coconut (macaroons)

You will need:

  • One (large ) egg – separated to get the white only
  • Desiccated coconut (approx two handfuls)
  • Pinch of salt
  • TINY amount of Splenda


In a clean dry bowl, whisk egg white and salt until stiff peaks have formed

Gradually add in desiccated coconut until you have a mixture with  a thick consistency you can mould

Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper and fashion 5-6 rounds

sprinkle the tiny amount of Splenda on each

Bake at 200 degrees C for approx 10 mins


These are relatively guilt free and are not so moreish you can’t stop at just one.  However, my mind has already started wandering to reflect on how these would also be good with some (70% cocoa or higher!) chocolate drizzled on top too… yum.

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